Lhong 1919, Bangkok

The historic Teochew port-turned-creative space is now home, albeit a temporary one, to visual and sound design team Don Boy’s lighting installation, D19B19. The group considers itself a visitor to any site they exhibit in. No matter how much they learn, they could only be outsiders, and can only tell stories from their own perspective. This thought is the foundation for their Alien Spaceship series, which questions how aliens that have landed on Earth will react to their surroundings and what they could possibly learn. D19B19 imagines the third alien landing in the series and sets it inside a Chinese opera. The installation uses pre-programmed lighting and elements related to the premises, from a gate that represents the blessings Mazu (Lhong’s goddess) showers upon travelers to graphic art that imitates Chinese opera costumes.


length : 2.18 m

width : 1.20 m

height : 1.25 m


Don Boy

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